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Product Description

Base Ingredients   Spearmint and peppermint

Weight   0.34 oz
Nicotine   0 mg   6mg  12 mg  18 mg  

The Ingredients

Spearmint was used by ancient Greeks and Romans as an aromatic herb and in perfumes and bath scents. Mint has long been the symbol of hospitality. It’s available in leaf form and is wonderful for flavoring summer fruit desserts and beverages. It combines well with lamb, ham, carrots, potatoes, and tomatoes. Mint is popular in Tunisian, Middle Eastern, Indian, Thai, and Greek cuisines.


As long as vaping has been in the US, we’ve had mint and menthol flavors.  Along with the basic single fruit flavors, and the tobaccos that allude to any one of a half-dozen (or more) brand name cigarettes the mints and menthols were available from the very beginning. For the most part, these e-liquids are, at the very least good…they’re not particularly difficult to create and are, by their very nature, quite refreshing. With the holidays rapidly approaching, a few more peppermint based flavors have recently come to my attention, including this one from the Cloud Alchemist.

As with most standard peppermints, there’s obviously not much to say about the flavor of the mint itself, it is, of course, dead-on peppermint. There is no off-tone or base (glycerin) flavor present in the profile, only the cool, crisp flavor of the mint itself. I detect the additional tone of menthol and there is a Koolada cooling sensation as well that is separate from the one already present from the peppermint.

Before I began reviewing for this website, I spent about 50% of my time vaping a flavor similar in nature to Cloud Alchemist‘s Glacialis Menta from a different vendor, so it was a great deal of enthusiasm that I opened up the bottle, anticipating a similar flavor profile. What I found, however, was a completely different beast.

I was expecting this to be a review for a straight menthol with a smooth icy kick, but there’s a bit more going on in this flavor profile than one might expect. It starts with an incredibly potent burst of chilly ice that leaves your mouth cold and tingly long after the vape. There is also the expected hint of minty flavor found in any menthol due to the menthol crystal extraction process which most commonly begins with natural peppermint plants.

The overall profile of Glacial Menta is crisp and clean with a small dose of menthol resulting in a skillfully blended mint fusion. I preferred just above 9.5 watts or 4.9v on a 2.5Ω atomizer. While this is still within the normal vaping wattage spectrum, it’s far more than I anticipated this one being able to handle. In addition to the flavor, you can also expect a hearty throat hit as well as a dense, solid cloud of cool minty vapor.

This e-liquid is a 20/80 blend which consists of vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, and mint flavoring. Various levels of nicotine can be added to this e-liquid if desired.

I had run another test of the Glacias Mentas after 3 days. I dialed it up to 11.6w on the ProVari (5.4v on a 2.5Ω atty) and enjoyed the intense peppermint flavor. I’m guessing I could have taken it beyond that point, but I decided if I was going to go big, I was taking it really big. I took out my MOD(50w, 10a capable VV mod), quickly built a dual 30ga twisted Kanthal coil on 2mm Ekowool, clocking in at .82Ω, and set the MOD to ~5v to see how this juice performs at 30 watts and it explodes with chilly peppermint, as one would expect, bringing along with it the stout throat hit that mints and menthols are known for, as well as a thick dense cloud.

One taste of this cooling mint e-liquid and you’ll feel refreshed. Order your Glacialis Menta e-liquid today at

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Packaging & Design - 9
Throat hit - 10
Flavor - 10
Vapor Production - 9
Price - 9.5

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