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The Istick Kit comes with:

  • 1-Istick
  • 1- eGo adapter
  • 1- USB cord
  • 1- Wall adapter
  • 1- Instruction Manual
The basics:
Eleaf Istick Control Panel

The Eleaf Istick isn’t a stick at all, it’s a rather small  box mod. It comes in four colors: black (pictured above), silver, red (more of a pink), and blue. There is an OLED display on the side of the device, along with the up/down voltage/wattage adjustment buttons and a firing button. The display is bright, easy to read, and shows the voltage, wattage, battery charge, and atomizer resistance.

The buttons are slightly raised and easy to use. Using the Istick is quite familiar and works pretty much the same way that an eGo style battery does. This is a perfect upgrade coming from pen style batteries. The power on/off functionality is identical: five clicks to power on and five clicks to power off.

The iStick supports both variable voltage and variable wattage. It is simple to choose, click the fire button three times rapidly to change  between variable voltage and variable wattage. Then use the  plus/minus buttons to raise or lower the wattage/voltage.

Holding down the plus or minus buttons for a couple of seconds will bring you to the auto mode. This allows you to increase or decrease voltage/wattage by 0.1.Press it again and you’re able to increase or decrease voltage/wattage by 0.2. Pressing the same buttons again you are able to increase or decrease the voltage/wattage by 0.5.

You can buy the Eleaf Istick in two ways,  just the battery by itself, or the full kit with USB wall charger and an eGo adapter. Many clearomizers are available with either a 510 thread or an eGo thread. 510 threaded clearomizers are more common, but some like the mini Protanks have the eGo threads. When you buy just the battery you must use a 510  threaded clearomizer. I bought the full kit with the eGo adapter. The extra cost is worth it to me.

Using the Istick
Aspire Nautilus Mini on my Eleaf Istick

After charging it up I decided to test it out with my Nautilus Mini by Aspire. The Nautilus Mini is the perfect size for the Istick. Not only does it fit well, it preforms great on the Istick. With its shallow 510-threading you can use just about any 510 thread clearomizer that you want. I also tried the full sized Nautilus. It preformed well, but just looked a little odd on the Istick. The weight of the Istick was enough to keep it upright with the larger tank installed.

Full size Aspire Nautilus on Eleaf Istick.


The Istick is quickly becoming my go to device for vaping around the house. I do however prefer the Joyetech eGrip for going out simply because of the internal tank and smaller more stealthy size. I’m always worried that I might break a Pyrex tank whenever I leave the house with one.

How does it compare size wise to other vaporizers on the market? Take a look at the image below with three different setups.

From left to right: Vission Spinner II with Protank 2, Eleaf Istick with Nautilus Mini, Joytech e Grip
Final Thoughts

I’m really impressed with this device, it doesn’t feel cheap and it’s the perfect size for me. The buttons are sized well enough to make adjustments easy to do, and the firing button is large enough to rest my thumb on and get a secure fire. It just seems to fit very well in my hand.

The Istick consistently provides a good vape. If you want a small pocket-sized mod with the latest bells and wistles, you simply can’t go wrong with with the Eleaf Istick.

  • Size: 75mm x 21mm x 32.8mm
  • Color: Black, Silver, Red, Blue
  • Capacity: 2200mAh
  • Thread Type: 510 Thread

Here’s a couple of places that you can find the Eleaf Istick. I have no connection with either of these retailers other than I have bought from them and they have both provided excellent customer service.

Rock Bottom Vapes
Central Vapors


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